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At National Grid, we keep the lights on and homes warm. But it's so much more than that. We're dreamers, big-thinkers, innovators, and builders. We keep people connected and society moving. This is no easy feat, and it takes all of us. But National Grid supplies us with the environment to make it happen - energizing us, empowering us to find solutions, giving us time to recharge and providing a safety net on tougher days. Whatever team you are in and wherever you are, your role is integral to our mission.

We're building a clean, fair and affordable energy future. With innovation and technology supercharging our path to finding a better way, for everyone. And as we generate momentum in the energy transition for all, we don't plan on leaving any of our customers in the dark. But we aren't looking for external recognition - we already know what we do is vital. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as a band of unsung heroes. So join us, and find your superpower.


Prject manager

February 2019 Syracuse, NY
“the people at National grid are great and they are very welcoming of interns”


June 2021 - August 2021 Melville, NY
“I worked in the Gas Asset Management and Engineering Department, overall it was a really nice experience. Started off virtual with COVID, then transitioned to an in-person operation. The internship process is very developed within Grid, with a team dedicated to helping you out during the experience, bringing unique voices and perspectives you would have otherwise not seen, in.”
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Questions & Answers

How does National Grid's large team reflect in their company culture?

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How should I follow up with a National Grid recruiter after first initially meeting them?

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Was each day as a Civil Engineer Intern at National Grid stagnant, or did you have different tasks each day?

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