What was the level of upper management engagement at Facebook? Did you get the help you needed?

I would expect to receive a lot of support from upper management at Facebook. As soon as I got there, I was introduced to so many different individuals throughout my team and met many people throughout the higher-up structure of my team. As a data scientist, you work with many different team mem...
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How do I get an internship at Facebook, Google or other top tech companies?

Do as many practice interviews as possible! Leetcode, Hackerrank, and plenty more online resources are extremely helpful for preparation. Another tip is to take as many interviews as you can. There's nothing like being in the actual environment, with someone asking you a question that you've neve...
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Walk me through the day in the life of an intern at Facebook!

A day as a data science intern really varies. It depends on the kind of team you're on. My role was as a product data science, so I was either working on my long-term project (writing data pipelines, querying data, meeting with team members to discuss strategy) or working on short-term goals and ...
Internet & Tech Facebook Internship Day in the Life
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Does Facebook uphold the "5 Core Values" they state on their website?

I guess well? There are weekly q&a's with Mark, where he'll answer questions from anyone in the company. People are free to talk about their work internally and be open with each other. My manager encouraged me to make decisions and speak up in meetings (very bold). The internship moves extremely...
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Do you recommend Facebook as a place to start working after finishing school?

I'd definitely recommend Facebook for someone who just starts a software engineer career. 1. Good infrastructure to ship things quickly 2. Smart people to bring you up to speed and provide great mentorship 3. Good pay
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How do I prepare for a coding interview at Facebook as an undergraduate.. really hoping to get in when applications roll out.

I've been to a couple recruiting trips and I'd say a) software engineer internship b) hackathon experience c) side projects d) contribution to open-source platforms are a couple things that could stand out from a resume. In terms of the interview itself, having a good knowledge about basic data s...
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Is there a suitable training program for someone looking to work in product management at Facebook?

Definitely look up Facebook Rotational Product Manager Program ( The Facebook Rotational Product Manager Program is an entry-level rotational program for budding product managers. It’s an 18-month program encompassing, one month of training, three rotations across different product te...
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What was the interview like for Facebook's University of Engineering?

Because FBU is an underclassmen program, the interview is non-tech. It focuses more on your ability to learn, work with others, solve problems and lead (soft skills) rather than technical skills. Highlight your experiences that outline these qualities, talk about how you’re involved on campus and...
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Is it highly likely that I can get a return offer after completing Facebook's University of Engineering?

An FBU internship usually is evaluated for a returning software engineering internship. Being evaluated for a full time offer is quite unlikely since that would mean you would’ve done FBU in your sophomore summer, and plan on graduating in three years. Personally I didn’t know anyone who did that...
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What can you tell me about the work as an intern at Facebook before I start applying?

As an intern on that team I built the backend for a new feature for Facebook stories. I was given an intro on the systems already in place for the stories team and then I was given the feature to design and implement. I had to test it when I finished it and then I moved on to another project wher...
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On the real, what would you say are the pros and cons of being an intern at Facebook?

The good: Facebook was a great place to work. They really make an effort to give you a project that you can finish while you're there and a project that will ultimately get used. Facebook also treats you as a full time employee, so you have access to all of the same perks as the full time people,...
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As an intern at Facebook, do you have complete ownership over your project, and how is that distributed if not?

You will be assigned a project as a summer intern at Facebook. The goal/objective of the project should be specified by your mentor at the beginning of your internship. You will own that project and you can decide the milestones of the project with your mentor. In my case my mentor gave me full c...
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From your personal experience, especially if you have worked other tech companies, what does it take to do well at Facebook?

I think the greatest skill is a willingness to listen and learn. Facebook focuses on a few things when assessing interns, and one is learning speed. There's not much time to catch up before you start working on your summer project, so you have to be ready to learn quickly. Full time employees hav...
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For other roles that don't include software engineering at Facebook, what do you think are important to mention?

Being able to work independently but knowing when you're stuck and need help. Communicating with your manager, being on time to 1:1 meetings, and being prepared for them (having updates, questions, etc). Keeping a log of whatever you're working on is really helpful for this. It's also great if ...
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Does anyone recommend Facebook as a place to kickstart my career in software engineering?

Yes. Facebook is an incredibly supportive (albeit high-workload) workplace that helps you to curate your skills as a SWE in an intensive environment. There are numerous opportunities to network and improve your programming skills throughout the internship.
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Why did you decide to apply for Facebook's University of Engineering?

After my first programming class and project, I got really interested in coding and making things. FBU was a great opportunity to do that, it included 3 weeks of training and 5 weeks of building our own app. Not only would I have the chance to learn about how to build mobile apps, I also could ha...
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What were the compensation or perks working at Facebook?

I believe that this is very offer dependent but the perks and the pay offered by the company are some of the best in the industry.
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What are the traits and qualities that recruiters from Facebook seek after?

In general, Facebook is looking for a variety of backgrounds and talent. Up to recently, that meant someone who wanted to work at Facebook needed some industry experience they could harness to be successful at Facebook. Now, we are actually hiring new graduate positions where we will just be exp...
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What level of ownership should I expect as an engineer at Facebook?

In general, you will find that most engineering roles require an employee to create their own work and complete projects that benefit the company in some way. The only job type I can think of that would differ in this respect would be working for a contracting design firm where the work is reques...
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Does Facebook's University Engineering's training program consist of just coding?

The training part is three weeks, either learning how to build an iOS or Android mobile application. Each day is three hours of lecture followed by five hours of an assignment to work on what you just learned. There are two professors giving the lectures and answering questions during work time. ...
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