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About Mentor Collective

Mentor Collective partners with universities and secondary schools to help diverse groups of students engage in the school community. We develop online student support programs that combine personalized mentorship and scalable reporting to improve student experience, increase retention, and engage young alumni.

ABOUT US: Mentor Collective was founded with the mission of helping students acclimate and succeed in school. We work with 50+ institutions to develop tech-enabled mentorship programs that increase enrollment, improve student transitions and persistence, and engage alumni.

BACKGROUND: Mentor Collective’s partner network has experienced rapid growth, and we are seeking new team members to expand upon recent success. As a member of a fast-growing start up, positions will bring exposure to a diverse array of responsibilities, as well as an opportunity to greatly accelerate career trajectory while at the forefront of innovation.

OUR CULTURE: We stumbled into this business because we wanted to solve a problem. We were not pursuing a billion dollar valuation, nor were we trying to "disrupt" education. We simply wanted to help students feel at home in the world. We wanted to bridge cultural and socioeconomic gaps on high school and college campuses and enable institutions to deliver personalized support to their students.

We believe that every student, regardless of background, means, or origin, should have access to a caring and supportive mentor. This is what drives our Partnerships team to sign more school partners. This is what drives our Product team to develop world-class technology. We believe that work should be both fun and meaningful. Don't get us wrong, we work incredibly hard. But we've discovered that working on something we enjoy for a reason we all believe in doesn't have to feel like "work".

We have a strong feedback-driven culture where everyone has their voice heard. We expect team members to become proactive leaders, thriving in the uncertainty found in an entrepreneurial environment. If you join Mentor Collective, we want you to join the best learning environment you have ever experienced.



June 2021 San Francisco, CA
“What I liked about being a mentor was to share my school and life experience’s with UCR freshman who needed reassurance about their education goals.”


August 2020 Northridge, CA
“I like helping others navigate themselves through the semester”
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