Medical Information Technology, Inc. (MEDITECH)

About Medical Information Technology, Inc. (MEDITECH)

MEDITECH has been a leader in the Electronic Health Record space for over 50 years, driving innovation during every stage of the industry’s evolution. We develop software that enables physicians, nurses and other clinicians to orchestrate and deliver patient care in a safe, effective and efficient manner. Additionally, our software is integrated in a style that fully optimizes the financial and business potential of the healthcare enterprise.

Fostering Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
At MEDITECH we believe there is strength in a diverse workforce, powered by the contributions of people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences. We are committed to fostering a work environment and culture in which all of our staff members can reach their fullest potential.

At the heart of our code is a commitment to creating a work environment “in which staff members, customers, vendors and guests are treated with dignity and respect.”

Growth Through Education
We believe it’s important to stay on top of what’s going on in your particular area of expertise while continually expanding your knowledge base. Our extensive array of onsite training empowers you to build and grow your skills, abilities, and career by providing fresh challenges and engaging classes. From day one, MEDITECH offers robust curriculums to educate you on the company, your role, and big-picture healthcare so you’ll be equipped with the tools and resources to give it your all. And, our continual mentoring ensures you never feel left behind.

Every time we meet a new applicant, the possibilities are endless. We are looking for someone who has a lot of ideas, and is excited to share them. Being a MEDITECHer is something folks take pride in. Be sure to follow @meditechcareers on Twitter and Instagram and get a first hand glimpse of what MEDITECH is doing, and why so many talented folks from all walks of life continue to join our ranks each year.


Employment Marketing Intern

June 2022 Foxborough, MA
“I like how there are so many courses I can take during my internship. I have taken courses such as Presentation Skills 101, Your Corporate Persona, and more! These courses provided me with key skills and knowledge that will help me in my future career and for the rest of my internship. ”

Implementation Service Specialist Intern

July 2018 - August 2018 Canton, MA
“I was able to experience and partake in medical software development alongside people who are very experienced and knowledgeable about the topic. ”
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