About Matterport

Matterport enables anyone to create and share digital twins of the built world, which can be easily used to design, build, operate, improve and understand any space. These navigable virtual tours are presented in Matterport's photo-realistic digital media format. Experience real-world spaces through Matterport's interactive 3D digital twins as if you are actually there.

What we are known for:

Matterport is best known for our stunning 3D digital twin visualizations. Our hardware, software, and services are used extensively across multiple industries, including Real Estate, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Insurance & Restoration, Travel & Hospitality, and Facilities Management.

Some of our most common use cases:

Our platform is most often used today to market and promote real estate listings and vacation rentals. Our 3D experiences give people a sense that they are physically walking through a space or property; able to see details about its layout, design, and features. Our products and services are also used extensively to assess and process insurance claims, manage complex restoration projects, document construction job sites, develop architectural and schematic plans, and as a tool for facilities management. Matterport also provides an extensible base layer for emerging AR & MR development projects across a wide range of industries.


Manufacturing Engineer

June 2018 Sunnyvale, CA
“Flexibility in what I've been able to work on and how much I've learned so far. Being able to apply everything from my schooling has been great. ”

International Initiatives Intern

May 2017 San Francisco, CA
“They gave me my choice of projects across the company. My boss was an amazing mentor and guided me through my first job in an high-growth startup. ”
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