Manalive Media Group LLC

About Manalive Media Group LLC

Manalive Media Group is a nascent development-production venture that operates at the intersection of art, media, and entrepreneurship. We exist to entertain, but we resolve to do so by bringing to life stories of moral importance that are imbued with beauty, goodness, and truth.

At our core, we are a countercultural motion picture enterprise led by a diverse set of courageous professionals—and who also seek to develop the creative and innovative potential of aspiring filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and culture studies students.

We offer up to 10 internships per academic term (fall, winter/spring, and summer) across three disciplines to further advance the Manalive mission through the energy, enthusiasm, and talent of high potential young people, about to begin their careers.


Culture Studies Intern

January 2021 - December 2021 Princeton, NJ
“I found this internship to be an incredible learning experience that offers interns an opportunity for engagement and personal growth. As a Culture Studies intern, I worked on a variety of tasks for Manalive. I was able to get exposure to deep level strategy and operations of the company as well as engage on specific film development projects. Team Manalive works closely with you to find the most beneficial way to personally engage. They truly care about your personal/professional development and will endeavor to align your work so that it is mutually beneficial to both you and the mission of the company. ”

Entrepreneurism Intern

May 2020 - September 2020 Larkspur, CA
“I found this experience to be extremely educational and valuable. Not only did I learn a great deal about working in the film industry, but also improved my professional communication skills and received access to valuable, lifelong contacts. Given MMG's start-up nature, interns are given a great deal of responsibility as well as flexible hours. All interns have the opportunity to make valuable and tangible contributions to the company. Overall, Manalive truly takes care of its interns and keeps their best interests at heart.”
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