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About Logan Growth Advisors

We provide M&A services to lower middle market businesses from $1MM-$10MM of annual operating profit. We customize every deal to the specific challenges and opportunities of each company and situation. We have a broad perspective gained from our experience as business executives, private equity investors, management consultants, and investment bankers.

Truly great intermediaries have knowledge and expertise in all aspects of business as well as empathy for both buyers and sellers. Our experience on all sides of the table differentiates us from other advisors. With our diverse set of experiences, we see opportunities from multiple angles. We understand the needs and perspectives of investors because we have been in their shoes and can help navigate negotiations to create win/win situations for all involved. We have run businesses and sold those businesses so we know the sensitivity around a transaction and the emotion these life-changing events can create. That empathy helps us set expectations appropriately for all parties and anticipate issues before they arise.

We relish a reputation of getting great deals done, rather than trying to push through every deal that comes our way. We are very selective in the deals we take on so we can focus significant effort, time, and attention to each deal; we work on very few deals concurrently. We would rather get few great deals done than close many mediocre deals.


Investment Banking Fall Analyst

August 2020 - December 2020 Logan, UT
“The team is really supportive. They have a great learning platform. Even though the internship is remote, I had constant communication with my team members.Logan Growth Advisors was the best internship that help me learn about I be get active deal experience and progress my career in the investment banking industry”


May 2020 Logan, UT
“The best part about working for LGA is the team. I've been able to work closely with Bob and Kevin, and have been given large responsibilities that I would not have been given at a bulge-bracket investment bank. LGA does a great job at finding what you are good at and utilizing those skills while pushing you to be better. I've learned more about M&A than I ever could have imagined. ”
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