In your personal opinion and experience, would you say L'Oreal is a good place to kickoff my career?

I would advise who ever has the chance to intern at L'Oreal. The internship program is great, the intern gets the full experience of working in a team and be part of it. L'Oreal is an established company and very well structured which would be a great place to start a career.
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Is there a welcoming culture at L'Oreal, and if so can you talk more about it?

The latin American office was very social and small. It aimed at creating relationships between the coworkers as there was an open floor plan (no individual cubbies). It was mostly women in the department I was working and as such it fostered a very friendly atmosphere.
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How's the work-life balance for an intern at L'Oreal?

They want you to work 40 hours, have no issue with a couple days off during an internship, and were very accepting of my lateness. It was my first internship, and I was still learning the basics of having a real job. They politely reminded me to be on time, once or twice, but never disciplined me...
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What's the best way to impress a recruiter from L'Oreal at my campus?

Its about talking to them and showing interest and knowledge in all of their products as well as those of the competitors. What they liked was how i knew each of the peoducts in the line i was assigned as well as who they are targeted and what are their direct competitors.
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Does anyone know what the marketing interview for L'Oreal looks like?

L'Oréal is an amazing company and place to work! There are three adjectives I would say summarize the kind of people they like to employ: patient, resilient, and adventurous. Patience is important since, common in large companies that have HQs in nearly every country, sometimes things take a lon...
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How would you rate L'Oreal's training program they have for marketing interns?

L'Oréal does an incredible job on-boarding interns. Before starting, my supervisor sent me a lot of docs such as the "Intern Bible" and the "Market Overview" to introduce me to all the acronyms and people with whom I would interact every day. Orientation is a day and a half long. The first day is...
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Is there a mentorship program at L'Oreal?

I can only speak for the internship. They do do have a mentorship program. However, it is up to you to take that initiative to meet with them. Remember that it is a short couple months that you are there, so it is important to actively make meetings and ask about what you should do to be successf...
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For an intern, how much were you paid working at L'Oreal?

Honestly this was in 2015, so a while back and it may no longer be accurate. It was hourly pay. Low 20s. However if lived a certain number of miles away, you got free housing, but not transportation.
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What does a marketing internship at L'Oreal entail?

I gained a lot of experience at L'Oreal during my time there. Although I was an intern, I was heavily involved in the "thick" of the business. I worked closely with our Sales counterparts to execute promotions and marketing collateral for accounts such as ULTA, Regis and Salon Centric. I was prim...
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What's the pace and structure of the training program for an incoming intern at L'Oreal?

I would say very fast, since the amount of time you are given (depending on your project) will be limited in a sense. In addition; one of the key attributes that I was very excited at L'Oreal was the fact that in the beginning some will train you, but after that; you will get the ropes of the pro...
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What does a project engineer at L'Oreal do?

As an engineer working in one of L'Oreal's distribution centers, I worked on process efficiency and cost savings initiatives. There will be exposure to large amounts of data and doing data analysis/mining. Some of this data you may come up with yourself with industrial engineering type activiti...
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What skills or traits as an intern do I need to have to excel in L'Oreal's cosmetic division?

From my experience, you need to have drive, an open mind, and you have to be inquisitive. As I'm sure you know, L'Oreal has an intense internship program, with each intern being assigned to one major project that can have an actual impact on the company. As long as you are driven to deliver the b...
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What would you say was the highlight of being a Research and Innovation Intern at L'Oreal?

I liked being a Research and Innovation intern at L'Oreal because I had an exciting and innovative project. Other interns, however, had projects that were poorly planned or unnecessary busy work. Unfortunately, they do not tell you what project you will have until right before the summer, after y...
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From your experience, what do I need to do to have a meaningful career at L'Oreal?

You have to be extremely motivated, good at networking, and proactively seek opportunities to learn. There are several areas that can be applicable to you and it is easy to get stuck into the department you are assigned to. Branching out and meeting people in different areas, learning about the w...
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