What would you say are the skills needed to succeed during an internship at KPMG?

To succeed, you need both technical and professional skills such as mastering Excel (80% of my work was spent juggling with numbers), being able to multitask (you could be put in two different projects at the same time), and to communicate well (any information is valuable and your team should be...
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Would you say KPMG is a good place to start your career after graduating?? Why or why not?

I would say that KPMG LLP is a great place to start one's career because of the knowledge and experience that one is able to gain. The people within the firm are very helpful in guiding you on what you need to know while also talking to you about what they have learned. The size of the firm al...
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More specifically, what does an Audit/Advisory Intern do at KPMG?

The days for audit interns vary depending on what client you are on. I was in the financial services industry so I reported to my client daily at around 9AM. I performed various tasks during the day such as tying out financials and getting familiar with the audit system. I usually left work aroun...
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Any advice you could give on what I should know before an interview for an internship role at KPMG LLP?

The interview is more of a resume interview versus any sort of hypothetical analysis or case study. What I would recommend is making sure to have your big accomplishments on your resume however make sure that you have some social events/clubs/organizations on there. One thing that KPMG really hit...
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In practice, how well does KPMG align itself with its company values?

This is a difficult question to answer from a non-client facing role, but I'll give it my best shot. I found that the majority of KPMG's prowess comes from the fantastic leadership found internally. The partners would always be ready to coach whoever needed help while also giving them room to g...
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How would you describe the company culture at KPMG LLP?

Everyone has been so incredibly nice and ready to help you with anything. I feel that the people I met during my internship have become the closest friends I have made. I would describe KPMG culture is extremely welcoming. 
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What does it take to do well at KPMG?

It is very important to be very competitive in KPMG and the big four. Being competitive does not mean being ahead of your peers. On the contrary, the great thing about working for KPMG is the exchange of the most recent information not just in auditing and accounting, but also in everything in th...
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How much support did you receive from your managers at KPMG during your internship?

Upper management wants you to succeed, and will send you emails from time to time about your experience - they will be very supportive.
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What does it take to be successful at KPMG?

You should be a good team player, be willing to take on more work, and have strong attention to detail
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What does the training program for a tax/audit intern at KPMG look like? How is it structured and how extensive is it?

My training was a week long, about a day and a half or so of basic HR/office environment/team building type things, and then 3ish days of SALT-specific training (tax software, research websites, etc). They expect you to know nothing coming in, but do take really good notes about what you learn.
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How much ownership will I have as an intern at KPMG?

The team really relied on me to do the tasks I needed to do with pretty full ownership; however, I never felt nervous or hesitant to ask questions. It was really important for me to take intiative and do work that I needed to do, but everyone on the team was more than willing to help and teach me...
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What is it that you do/did like and dislike about being a Audit Intern at KPMG?

I enjoyed the culture of the firm as well as my co-workers. They taught me a great deal during my short time working this past summer. There were not many aspects of the job I disliked (summer is one of the lightest times of the year for auditors in regards to work load). The hours weren’t bad no...
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Any advice for turning my internship as an Audit Intern at KPMG LLP into a full-time offer after the summer is over?

I'd say try to learn as much as you can and as fast as possible -- senior associates are very useful with complex issues you don't get straight answers from associates because they've learned virtually everything that you'll be doing. Ask questions to have a thorough understanding of the work not...
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I'm a recent grad looking to start my career at KPMG and work my way up to be a senior auditor. What are qualifications and skills I should begin to focus on acquiring?

We always said in KPMG that the auditor is a very good accountant. The most important thing is to always be up to date in relation to accounting and auditing; you have to posses the most recent knowledge in either IFRS or GAAP or both. Pursuing a degree is always a huge advantage in KPMG or any o...
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What's a day in the life of a Senior Consultant at KPMG like?

conducting a project: doing your own research on the project, i.e. looking for information to answer your client's problem, design a business model, check current regulations etc., or writing a report,  preparing an offer: in consulting that is quiet a large chunk of your work, to get a project ...
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Anyone have any tips on what I should know before an interview at KPMG LLP?

Prepare for a KPMG interview the way you would any other consulting interview - there are rumors that there is no case, but you never know which partner may ask you a case-like question.  Be yourself, know your resume, be able to critically think about your past experience and make meaningful co...
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I heard KPMG has a mentorship program--what is that like?

KPMG’s mentorship program is a pivotal part of working at KPMG. All new-hires, interns, transfers are assigned a transition buddy who can be a peer or mentor to help aid with the transition. Each employee is also assigned a performance manager who you meet with several times a year to discuss goa...
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What does the career path progression look like once I land an audit internship at KPMG LLP?

You’ll start out as an Audit intern for about 8 weeks, and if all goes well, you’ll get a full time offer to be an audit associate starting next fall. Then, you would be an audit associate for 2 years (A1 and A2), and then get promoted to senior associate, which is a 3 year position. Then, after ...
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What made you choose KPMG as a Big 4 company to intern at?

I was motivated to become an intern at KPMG because I was wanted to get experience working at a big, corporate firm. For me, it was important that an internship provided me with mentors, training, resources, and a variety of experience. KPMG offered just that with their Build Your Own Internship ...
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I'm a rising senior interested in marketing and just saw that KPMG has a sports marketing team. Is this good a firm to start my marketing career?

The sports marketing team itself is small, so there are not openings nearly as often as you would find in the financial and accounting areas of the business. That being said, one of my favorite mentors on the team did intern for the team twice and was offered a position when it opened up. The rea...
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