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Knowing Kaiser Permanente is a big company, did you ever receive support from upper management?

Working for Kaiser for ten years, it is the best place to work. Our management in my dept, is very supportive, they follow up on issues or concerns any employee has. If we are short staff they are there helping out. They always have the "open door policy". All I can say is that we are all family ...
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Interview tips for Kaiser Permanente?

Stay calm and just be yourself during the interview. There will be two people will interview you. They just want to know who you are, your struggle and how you overcome the struggle. They will ask you questions such as how the internship will benefit you. They want to know your personalities like...
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Tips on converting my internship to a full-time offer at Kaiser Permanente?

When participating in an internship, ask specifically who is responsible for hiring in the departments that you are interested in. Be flexible in what position you would be willing to consider, because getting your foot in the door is the most important part of getting a full-time job at Kaiser....
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What was your experience like as an intern at Kaiser Permanente?

Well, when I interned at Kaiser Permanente over the summer of my junior year of high school, I worked with the nurses in the Gastroenterology Department. Some of my duties included sanitizing the rooms and wheelchairs in the department so that they were ready for the next patient, helping restock...
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What does the day-to-day life look like for a nurse at Kaiser Permanente?

I was placed at Kaiser Permanente for my medsurg 2 rotation. I was oriented to the floor for the first 2 weeks and cared for 1 - 2 patient within that time. I performed full patient care on 3 patients by the 3rd or 4th week. My nurse preceptor kept an eye on everything I did and intervened accord...
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What is the work-life balance like at Kaiser Permanente, especially as one of the big hospital companies?

There should be enough time work and have fun. I worked four hours from 8AM to 12PM and after that, I would do something fun to relax myself from the stresses of work. You should take maybe an hour or two to destress and get back to whatever your lifestyle is, but there should be an even balance ...
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Does Kaiser uphold their company values?

Kaiser Permanente is a respected company that deals with matters seriously. You should always follow instructions given to you by a supervisor, nurse, or any one of the workers in the hospital. You must always do what you think is correct and watch out for anyone who may be trying to cause troubl...
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Does Kaiser Permanente offer a mentorship program?

At my facility, there is a lot of focus on leadership growth. We do sessions with the entire management team that focuses on being better leaders. Personally, I have found my own mentors whose leadership style I admire. Meeting with my chosen mentors monthly, or more often when needed, has taught...
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What will I need to do to excel as an intern at Kaiser Permanente?

Any skills for this job would be to have an understanding of Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and other Office applications. You should be able to listen to directions well and be able to work independently without any direct supervision. This intern position was basically c...
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What are some essential skills needed to succeed as a Population Management Support Coordinator (PMSC) at Kaiser?

As a PMSC, you need to be: detail-orientated as you will serve as the primary liaison between a patient, their physician, and their care manager; technologically savvy as you will be working with and electronic health records system such as EPIC and various other computer programs such as Excel; ...
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Is Kaiser Permanente a good place to start my post-college career?

Kaiser is a great place to kickstart a career in healthcare because you can get exposure to many facets of the healthcare business industry, from business operations to healthcare IT to HR. The projects given to interns are meaningful and have the potential to make a real impact in the department...
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Does anyone know what pharmacy interns typically do while working at Kaiser Permanente ?

It depends on the location, but for most outpatient Kaiser's you can expect to work with patients regularly answering questions, counseling, starting prescriptions in the process, selling prescriptions and money handling. You may also be answering phones, contacting doctor's for clarification and...
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Why did you ultimately decide to accept your offer at Kaiser Permanente?

I knew that I wanted to become a psychologist for a while, so it led me to investigate what type of internship programs that I could get to help me connect with other who worked in the field. I applied to Kaiser with the help of my friend's dad who actually helped me obtain my very first positio...
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What does a regular day as an intern look like at Kaiser?

For the program I participated in (Pediatric Shadowing), most days start out with joining in on rounds in the morning (either 6, 7, 8 or 9am depending on the department) for 2-3 hours, followed by Grand Rounds at 12:30 (might haven been 1:30, can't recall 100%). In the evenings, I either jumped t...
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What's the culture like at Kaiser Permanente, especially since it's a big company?

Kaiser's culture is wonderful. Everyone was super friendly, nice, and very welcoming. I was invited on different things (ie Medical Student rounds where teaching takes place), encouraged to look at interesting things, and everyone tried to make me feel comfortable even with my lack of medical kno...
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Specifically for a Consultant Intern role at Kaiser, what qualities should I be highlighting?

I would say the main experiences would be any group projects done at school that have a UX/Contextual Inquiry Component along with any general consulting work done. I would say the main qualities would include your ability to work with a team, be collaborative, resilient (considering it is an inn...
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What does the training program at Kaiser Permanente look like?

In order to work at Kaiser, a new nurse would need to seek "New Hire" positions, or "Entry-level" positions, posted on the website. In these type of positions, there is often an extended introductory period where a new nurse can develop skills and become competent. Not often, but occasionally K...
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Guide me through the work life of an ophthalmology intern at Kaiser Permanente!

I never knew how busy working in the Ophthalmology department would be! There are patients constantly back to back! At Kaiser, the Ophthalmology department separates into two parts with clinic in the morning and surgeries in the afternoon. During the clinic, the ophthalmologist would see patients...
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I'm seeking interview tips related to a sales coordinator position at Kaiser Permanente!

My role as a Sales Coordinator at Kaiser Permanente entailed being able to handle a variety of tasks at a time, being able to work individually and collaboratively with multiple teams, and being able to communicate with coworkers and clients. To prepare for an interview for the position, you woul...
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Tell me about the role of a sales coordinator at Kaiser Permanente!

A day in the life as a Sales Coordinator varied from day to day. Workflow depended on the season (peak season is the end of the year through the beginning of the new year) and what tasks needed to be completed. Daily tasks involved being on a phone queue to talk to clients and customers, generati...
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