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Ballet ● Jazz & Contemporary ● Hip-Hop ● Tap ● Modern Dance ● Adult Dance classes and many more!

The Joffrey Ballet School is the only ballet school in New York City that offers a well-rounded dance curriculum that includes serious training in both classical ballet (technique, pointe, variations, adagio, men’s classes) and contemporary ballet (technique, improvisation, partnering), as well as modern, character, choreography, dance history, music, pilates and yoga. Special workshops are taught by guest faculty to augment the curriculum. All dance classes have live piano accompaniment, and live cello and percussion accompaniment is used in some contemporary and modern classes.



July 2019 - August 2019 Denton, TX
“I originally applied to just be an RA for the Joffrey Summer Intensive. However I am grateful that I received a position as both an RA and an Intern because I learned a lot more than I would have than just being an RA. ”


July 2019 - August 2019 Denton, TX
“Leaving home for the summer was a huge part of learning how to be more of an independent adult, so I liked being out of my comfort zone and exploring a new city with the other interns. The job itself was extremely hands-on which I loved because even though I had a lot of responsibility, I left with a great sense of accomplishment. ”
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