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We are a nursing home, fitness center, pre-school, dance studio, athletic complex with an indoor and outdoor pool.


Camp Counselor

May 2018 Omaha, NE
“I enjoyed leading the groups of children in different activities. I feel like this was definitely my favorite job I've had so far because of the leadership role I was required to have and the bonds I made with all the children throughout the summer. Overall, this experience helped me branch out and make more connections while doing something that was very enjoyable.”

Assisstant Teacher

May 2017 Pikesville, MD
“I loved the children I got to work with and getting to experience new teaching styles of the other professionals.”
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Questions & Answers

If anyone has the experience, I'd like to hear about your time as a swim instructor at the Jewish Community Center!

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How can I succeed as a swim instructor at the Jewish Community Center?

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I'm going to be interviewed for an adaptive swim instructor job at the Jewish Community Center, what can I expect going into this?

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