About InternFSU

FSU is undertaking a bold initiative to enrich the learning experience at FSU and prepare every student, no matter family income or background, for a successful career and life after graduation. Launching Spring 2018, the InternFSU program will provide 100 on-campus paid experiential learning opportunities for FSU students. The University has made an investment to provide high impact applied learning opportunities for students to gain professional experience and compliment their field of study.


Advertising and Social Media Specialis

August 2018 - August 2019 Tallahassee, FL
“I liked that I got to learn how to create brand campaigns and create my own projects start to finish. I was allowed freedom to use my creative background within the brand guidelines of FSU and it was a great learning experience to work doing in-house communications management as well as run the public social media. Even though social media was my specialty, my work was never too routine as I also interviewed students and faculty across campus, wrote news articles, and worked heavily in graphic design. My employer was willing to cater my work to what I was interested in and specialized in, so we worked together to better myself in line with the company mission!”
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