About Innotec

Innotec is a high-growth, unique and fully automated West Michigan manufacturer of products for multiple industries, including the automotive, office furniture, commercial vehicle and consumer goods industries.

At Innotec, we believe the difference between being a good company and a great company is more than just the ability to work harder than others. It’s the values we demonstrate in our work—integrity, humility and trust. Knowing that the successes we achieve are all for a greater purpose drives our passion for excellence.

Innotec hires the person, not the position. Innotec is always looking for people who love risks, welcome change and share the Innotec Vision.

As a company built on Innovation, Engineers make up about two thirds of our work force. We look for Engineers with both strong technical skills and an affinity for business operations. Whether you’re fresh out of college or with previous work experience, we typically look for Mechanical, Electrical, Plastics and Manufacturing Engineers. Find the complete list of skills we’re seeking at


Mechanical Engineering Intern

May 2021 - July 2021 Zeeland, MI
“I was allowed to use heavy machinery, and I was allowed to manage my own projects.”

Electrical Engineering Intern

May 2019 Zeeland, MI
“I loved the freedom and responsibility I was given. It felt like I was a full-time employee rather than an intern.”
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