How does your weekly schedule look like as a production intern for iHeartMedia?

A day in the life of a production assistant intern at iHeartmedia is crazy! But a good kind of crazy. You wake up about 5AM in the morning and rush to the station to start prepping for the morning radio talk shows. They go live at 6AM. And you may have spent your previous night prepping to help...
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What are your thoughts on the work-life balance you were given as an intern at iHeartMedia?

There’s a great work life balance as an production assistant intern. I had the opportunity to work singularly on the morning show and record promos after the show was over. My whole day was free for class or other internships when the morning show was over. And weekends aren’t required, but I tho...
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How much time on air did you have as a host for iHeartMedia?

When I was a Part-time On Air Personality for iHeart I had control of the content that I put but was given guidelines of topics depending on the type of station it is (Classic Rock, Top 40, etc.). I also had control over the content that was on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog/Vlog, and webs...
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What was the company culture working at a media company such as iHeartMedia?

They are a corporation and run like one. There is a definite focus on what is best for the brand of iHeart, understandably so, and they have branded and marketed themselves to always be evolving and staying on top of trends and what is hot and up and coming. They do a really great job at this.
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Does it take a lot, in terms of time and skill, to succeed at iHeartMedia?

It takes a lot. I heart media is a massive company, so going in there with a vision of where you want to be in the next 5 to 10 years is crucial in helping you make strategic moves within the company and stand out.
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How likely is it that iHeartMedia will offer me some sort of return offer after an internship experience?

If you work hard and do a good job just about anywhere they will offer you a job. I heart media has offices all around the country so if there is not an immediate opening in your area there might be Elsewhere if you are willing to relocate.
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How did you get your role as a Remote Technician with iHeartMedia, and can you share your experience with me?

You should have decent driving skills, since most of the job is driving to and from remotes. They will run a background check on your driving record, so if there is anything that you feel needs an explanation (anything other than a parking or speeding ticket) then I would explain it in your initi...
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What's a day in the life of a sales assistant look like for someone employed at iHeartMedia?

Honestly, no day is the same in terms of how a day is scheduled but on a normal day you’ll have various tasks such as invoicing, building schedules, doing airchecks to make sure ads ran correctly and routine bookkeeping to ensure that all the orders are correct for your Account Executive.
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How much work-life balance should I expect to have as a Sales Assistant at iHeartMedia?

The work life balance is what I had the most trouble with. The job is from 8:30-5:30 which is standard but a lot of days you’re going to stay a little closer to 6 or 6:30. But if you give your boss a heads up and say you need to leave early for some reason then they are very understanding about i...
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What skills do I need to succeed as a Sales Assistant at iHeartMedia?

The skills needed are:-Quick learner: You’re going to have a lot thrown at you pretty early and you’re expected to know it pretty quickly.-Basic math and excel skills: Most of the programs are based out of excel or an excel-like program.-Eager to learn: Showing you’re eager to learn will help you...
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What type of interview does iHeartMedia do for a sales intern position?

My interview was over the phone and it was a behavioral interview. Make sure you organize your experiences accomplishments so you can talk about them and their relevancy to the role. Be sure you're outgoing and personable because you are interviewing for a sales role!
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Are there certain tasks that a sales intern must do daily while at iHeartMedia?

A lot of the time I was supporting people in the sales division, so I would have a list of projects for the day to work on. Sometimes I was pulling air-checks, which is proof a client's ad aired. Other times I was updating PowerPoints with sales data for clients, or updating spreadsheets. Every W...
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What's to like, or dislike, about the role of a statewide network reporter at iHeartMedia?

They rely on me to generate news of statewide interest, and there is trust and freedom embedded in that. Constant referencing of my writing is not required. However, with power comes responsibility. Don't violate the trust or abuse the freedom.
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