How does your weekly schedule look like as a production intern for iHeartMedia?

How does your weekly schedule look like as a production intern for iHeartMedia?
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Former Production Assistant Intern at iHeartMedia

about 2 years ago
A day in the life of a production assistant intern at iHeartmedia is crazy! But a good kind of crazy. You wake up about 5AM in the morning and rush to the station to start prepping for the morning radio talk shows. They go live at 6AM. And you may have spent your previous night prepping to help produce tomorrow’s shows too. By prepping I mean researching, and by researching I mean scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Lipstick Alley looking for relevant news to share with the audience. The news cycle is 24 hours. It never stops, so while you’re getting ready for work, you’re constantly checking for updates on celebrity gossip that broke literally three hours ago. Once you get to the station, you help set up the microphones, the cameras and may get an opportunity to run the board and produce a show. After everything is set-up you are a part of the show (or at least I was) and you provide commentary on those same news stories you researched. Once the show is over you go to meetings where everyone updates the general manger on how each show is performing. After meetings you have breakfast or lunch and then you are back at the station recording and editing promos for radio commercials. You repeat this day after day. On weekends you may be asked to help set-up at concerts and run the event. Bonus…free concert for you! I helped set-up at a Migos concert and stayed for the show!
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