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Our Mission:
Your Safety. Your Mobility. Your Economic Opportunity.
Why is transportation important to Idaho?
The state transportation system is inextricably woven into the fabric of Idaho life. The state's citizens use Idaho's transportation system to get to work, school, friends and recreation.

They also rely on that system to bring goods to their stores, services to their doorstep, and to make sure the state's goods and services are delivered to the customers of the nation and the world. From the food they eat, to the letters they read, to the movies they drive to, Idahoans are empowered by transportation in complex and substantial ways. Idaho's leaders and transportation officials understand the essential role transportation plays as a cornerstone for the state's economic and social health. The transportation department's mandate is to provide the people of Idaho with a transportation system that includes various means of travel.

Highways are a driving force in state's economy
Idaho's transportation system is the backbone of the state's economy. Safe and efficient roads, bridges, airports, railroads and ports promote the expansion of Idaho's economy. The cost of doing business is affected by how well goods and people can be moved across town, across the country and around the world. Thus, Idaho's economic performance is tied to the quality of our transportation system.

Air travel provides a vital economic link
The aviation industry provides jobs either directly or indirectly through the state's airports or tourism from the money that visitors bring into the state. Together, this generates $1.3 billion in aviation-related economic impact to Idaho and provides more than 24,000 jobs. Another nearly 27,000 jobs in the state are in some way dependent upon aviation. Idaho's airports also help protect lives and property in the state by providing a base for fire fighting activities.


Civil Engineering Intern

August 2018 - October 2018 Shoshone, ID
“I was involved in meetings with consultants, making calculations for projects and official documents needed for the planning and construction of roadways and bridges.”

Technical Records Specialist 1 Temp

June 2019 - November 2019 Boise, ID
“Great team and there is always a lot to do to challenge me.”
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