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How would you describe the culture at IBM?

Amazing. Anyone from anywhere can be essential and make a difference. Very progressive. But the business side isn’t as great at the culture. Business just can’t seem to keep up. So if you’re not brave enough to stomach frequent layoffs, reorgs, etc. then IBM is not for you. There’s lots of opport...
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How much support should I expect to receive from upper management while interning at IBM?

In 2011, IBM Research Zurich was a small research center---maybe 150--200 employees total. Since it was summer, many people were traveling for vacation so there were even fewer people on the campus while I was there. I'm not exactly sure what is meant by "upper management", but I met/worked daily...
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Does IBM offer a mentorship program? If so, what does it look like and how did it help you be successful at the company?

Yes, they offer a mentorship program. My team lead was like my personal guide throughout. I don't think i would have been successful in getting up to speed without him. But you also get an executive mentor.
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What does a software developer interns at IBM actually do? Is this different from a software engineer role?

I started off my career at IBM as a recent college graduate and I had to undergo corporate training for the first 3 months to gather a more holistic view of the entire underlying organization as a whole and work on specific technology, which for me was C# and .NET. Later as I joined a team, I bec...
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Do you have good work-life balance working at IBM?

Full Time Employees are usually salary unless you are an intern – During the busy(first week of each month and quarter closes) times you will work more to get the job done but that balances since the other parts of the month are usually much slower A good work life balance, IBM gives the most vac...
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What does a Summit Intern at IBM do?

This is tricky because it really depends on who your manager is and what they have planned for you. Personally, last summer I had to research IBM solutions and present them as pitches, contact clients regarding subscription renewals, and draft possible emails for clients.
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Is IBM a good company to work for? Do they uphold their stated company values?

I worked offsite about 95% of the time, so the majority of my interaction was with client organizations. In other words, I did not spend much time in IBM facilities. So, I’ll describe my experience as an employee. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at IBM Global Services. I joined at a time when IB...
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Tips for someone going into an interview at IBM for a software engineering internship?

Learn to code and learn how to explain it! Your interview for these jobs are tests, how well you do on them ties directly into your likelihood of getting the job. Specific technologies to work with are Java, JavaScript (I would also recommend learning Node.js), and Python. To have an idea about w...
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What skills do I need to succeed as a Software Developer Intern at IBM?

The Software Developer Intern role at IBM requires technological skills such as the necessary programing languages depending on the specific role, but also soft skill such as organization, time management, communication, creativity and being able to ask good questions. IBM and the teams within it...
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What was your motivation to being a Summit Intern at IBM?

I have always been interested in technology and sales. IBM is a large, effective organization that specializes in the development of all sorts of technology. When I saw this opportunity, I applied because I wanted to learn more about technology and strengthen my consultative, sales skills. I also...
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What's the degree of work ownership that IBM summit interns get?

The contribution Summit Interns have on projects and presentations is critical. Since this is a high-level internship, interns are expected to deliver correct, accurate information on any projects or presentations assigned to them. Therefore, ownership of your own work is relatively high, althoug...
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What does a tape operator at IBM do? What skills does this position require?

The job pretty much just requires basic computer literacy. The only tasks are loading tapes and verifying data entries. Loading tapes involves scanning the barcodes on the tapes, using a tool to compare the scans to the list of requested, loading the tapes into the appropriate machine, and upload...
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How would I turn my internship as a hands and eyes data center operator into a full-time offer at IBM?

There is a pretty decent chance that the opportunity could become full time paying up to like 12/hr. However, in the 2 years that I was there the workload slowed down from barely anything to practically nothing. The Hands & Eyes role (rebooting machines, taking inventory of the cables attched to ...
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What skills are needed to succeed as a technical support intern at IBM?

Just be able to understand and use a new program. It's really old software and it kind of has a lot of steps. Write stuff down so you can more easily remember the process. Total process was, identity if pmr belonged to your team if it did assign it to the next engineer, if you're not sure ask an...
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What does a test automation supervisor do at IBM? What does this role entail?

I created, maintained, and ran automated tests in IBM's Saleforce platform using Copado Selenium. These tools are designed to record your actions and then mimic them in an automated test. Additionally, my job consisted of communicating to other members of the project to get an idea of what they n...
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What was your motivation to becoming a software support specialist at IBM?

My driving force for wanting to work at IBM, was the fact that prior to working there I had always been told "too bad you don't have any IBM experience". Purely by a twist of fate, I sent a resume to a job fair in Rochester, MN to see what my options might be. I was quite surprised (and pleased) ...
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Can someone speak about their experience interning at IBM? Is it common for people to go back and do more than one internship there?

At IBM, I had the opportunity of working on two different teams. On one team I was an Information Developer Intern, where I worked with a financial planning and analytics team to develop an automated testing tool using VBA macros and an IBM analytics program called Cognos CAFE. On the second team...
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Most important skill for a software QA engineer at IBM?

From my experience, I do believe one of the more important skills to have is being group oriented - meaning being able to work together with others to achieve a certain goal. (In my case, we worked together in order to release a product).
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What skills are needed to succeed as a purchaser at a company like IBM?

You need to be organized. Many times you will have many requests or a need to reorder product at the same time. It is important to be organized and prioritize you customer’s needs. In a purchasing mindset always view your demand as a customer. Even if you work for the same organization (they) are...
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Is IBM a good firm to start a career in manufacturing/purchasing/planning?

To this point I would say yes. I know that IBM’s big market mainstay is software. When I was purchasing for them, they were still making hard-drives and other internal computer components. I am not sure if they are still manufacturing these items. They will have a procurement department either wa...
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