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Do IBM purchasers get a lot of ownership over their line of work?

You will have full ownership over your work as a purchaser at IBM. Maybe not so much on the budget they give you but as long as you are meeting the demand needs and you do not have huge low turning assets (inventory) you will be able to manage your workday the way you need to for a successful dep...
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How is your day structured, as a designer at IBM?

Mostly filling developers requests for graphic elements, some layout, some conceptual design. The day would be broken up on occasion with a project manager, or team meeting to keep everyone on the same page and schedule for accomplishing project goals and deadlines.
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Main things to highlight in an interview for a graphic designer position at IBM? What do they value most?

Extra curricular, self-starter efforts are going to be what gets you noticed by a company like IBM. As far as interviews for designers go, evidence of teamwork, leadership, and willingness to follow guidelines is important. A designer mostly relies on their portfolio. Innovative portfolios with c...
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What does it take to be successful at IBM's finance dept? Any insider tips?

To succeed at IBM you should first complete your assignments correctly and when they are due. Second, communicating with co-workers effectively so that you know what's happening and they know you understand. Ask questions to understand operations, finance, and the work environment. Get a mentor.
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Can anyone tell me what a day in the life of a SAP DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT INTERN at IBM Global Business Services is like?

A typical day for me was actually quite different than what I expected. My team had to work at our client’s office which was very far away from the hotel we are staying, and so usually I had to wake up at 6:30 to get on the company bus with my team and arrive at the client’s office around 8:30. T...
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What skills do I need to succeed as a Business Transformation Consultant, Global Business Services at IBM?

Some of the skills / traits needed to succeed as a Business Transformation Consultant with IBM would include curiosity, initiative, team-oriented / collaborative nature, adaptability, cultural astuteness, creativity, and a desire to continue learning throughout your career. With respect to specif...
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Anyone know what the training program for a Business Transformation Consultant, Global Business Services at IBM looks like?

The Consulting by Degrees (CbD) training program is a two year rotational program, where you'll rotate to different projects in different business units within IBM. For example, you may be on an internal Product Management project for 6 months, which is then followed up by an 8 month long Analyti...
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How much am I expected to make as a sales and marketing intern at IBM?

Typically it ranges from $19-$27 depending on credit hours completed, though I am not sure exactly how the compensation formula they use works.
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What does a Senior Consultant (Supply Chain Practice) at IBM GLOBAL SERVICES actually do?

When I was a Senior Consultant in the supply chain practice, my clients were mainly positioned in the manufacturing industry. I would develop proposals for consulting engagements based upon my understanding of the client’s needs. Those proposals would range from services like strategic planning...
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What is the job description of a system verification and automation intern at IBM?

My responsibility on the team was to verify defects with the product at hand, Spectrum Protect. We worked with different build levels and test functionality (does the product behave like IBM expects it to, what if a customer did x or y, is this intended behavior when z is done) and document our t...
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What skills should I need to be a system verification and automation intern at IBM?

I found the willingness to learn be the most valuable requirement. It sounds cheesy but the full timers love seeing motivated coops so they're willing to work the extra bit to help you learn the product. If you're not there to learn, it will show in your test results. If you're stepping out of yo...
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What does someone working as an IOT Software Engineer Intern at IBM?

For me that meant that I worked as a software engineer dealing with tasks associated in that space (development, version control, solutions architecture, and testing to name a few) but this revolved specifically around the Internet of Things (IOT) market which at IBM is a branch of their artifici...
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How much do software engineer interns get paid at IBM?

Compensation is mainly determined by your completion towards degree (i.e. 22 credits completed out of 36) but there’s some variance as well for returning interns and your experience level. In general where I worked most interns make between 18 and 27 dollars an hour, most of whom receive a 2000-4...
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What encouraged you to intern at IBM as a front end developer?

Front end is what customers see. To the average user, the front end is the entire application. This makes it extremely important. Because of this, you can get lots of feedback from others by showing them what you have created and having them play with it (including non-technical people). I find t...
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What skills do I need to be a software design intern at IBM?

Design (visual, research) skills; People/ Collaboration skills; Scrappiness; Understanding of technology
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Things I can do to increase my chances of getting a return offer from IBM after my software design internship ends?

From my experience at a different company, you should make it clear that you want to work there by at least talking to your supervisor about working there once you graduate. If you don't make it clear, they might not think you are interested. If you tell them, they may even help you look for oppo...
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Are there any tips you can give me before an IBM interview for a software engineer/development intern role?

My interview process included a code challenge and a separate online interview. So, I'd recommend having confidence with coding challenges ( is a good practice site for this) and just practice interviewing. I got most of my interview practice through numerous (unsuccessf...
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