Would you recommend Navigant Consulting as a possible career destination?

Navigant is a fantastic place to kickstart a career for those interested in healthcare, consulting, and business. As a former intern, what drew me to return to Navigant was its prestigious reputation in the healthcare consulting industry, a corporate culture that celebrates collaboration and ment...
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When you reflect on your experiences as a Business Analyst at Navigant Consulting, what would you say were the pros and cons of it?

Likes/dislikes: I loved my time at Navigant. The Charlotte-based team really took a chance on me because I was fresh off graduating from undergrad and as a NCAA student-athlete I had little-to-no work experience. I highlight this to praise the training environment Navigant implemented to their ne...
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What would you say is important to know about Navigant Consulting before an interview?

- Navigant is a large consulting firm with many offices across the U.S. Know and understand that even as large as it is, it is very well integrated. People you have never met are aware of your work ethic and they’re paying attention because the clients are paying for that service and that respect...
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For someone looking to apply to Navigant's Executive Assistant position, what's the best approach for my interview?

For this type of role it would be great to focus on soft skills as it really helps to match your personality with the executives. For technical skills, definitely Microsoft Office like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, but also Access for some jobs. PeopleSoft may also help.
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Does Navigant offer a structured training programs for incoming interns?

Formal training for summer interns consists of a week of onboarding activities. This includes talks/panels with both senior leadership and younger hires or prior interns, case studies and consulting workshops with fellow interns, industry-specific workshops/lectures, and online training courses. ...
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What's the best way to approach my interview for the healthcare consulting position at Navigant?

Having prior experience in the healthcare field is definitely beneficial, but not mandatory; I would say demonstrating a keen interest in and willingness to learn about the field is more important. Interviewers are also looking for confident and personable candidates who are able to articulate th...
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