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I'm starting my internship at GE in a month. Given that it's such a big corporation, how does one stand out from his peers?

Be driven, ask questions, and engage with everyone. Based on my experience, GE treats their interns like full time employees. They try to assign projects that will create value for the company, ensure that you will be interacting with multiple groups of people, and provide the opportunity for lea...
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What can I do to increase my chances of turning my internship as an engineer at GE into a full-time offer?

From what I noticed during my time with GE, the company loves to hire their interns. I would say around 70-80% of the interns I have met in GE landed jobs offers and some of them already became senior managers. My tips to turn an internship into full time offer are: - To first have an open minded...
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What does it take to be a good Engineer?

- Curiosity, about how things work - Skepticism, especially about authority and the status-quo. You must question things like "we do it like that because that's the way it's always been done" - Perseverance, or having a "can-do" attitude. Nothing is more depressing than an engineer whose motto is...
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How much work-life balance do Engineering interns have at GE?

Full-time employees work 45-50 hours per week, usually. Co-ops work 40, usually. You must be willing to put in the extra 30 minutes of effort at 5:00pm instead of immediately leaving if that extra effort will be beneficial to the team. Since GE Appliances is becoming more global every day, full-t...
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As an intern/entry-level, how much support should I expect to receive from upper management at GE?

I had a great boss and a great experience with all of my managers at GE. My boss checked in with me every week but mostly allowed me to pick my own projects. Every boss is different so the advice I have here is to get to know the young professionals at your site in GE’s leadership program (OMLP, ...
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I'm looking for a little insight related to the interview process for a ceramic engineering intern position at GE Aviation!

For the Ceramic Engineering Intern positions, the best way to prepare for an interview would be going over behavioral questions. They ask only behavioral questions and no technical questions. It would be beneficial to look over the description of the job posting and try to find certain qualities ...
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What's a day in the life of a Finance Intern at GE like?

A finance intern should expect to be completely involved with big data. A typically day might be reaching out to different teams to validate information for models or systems that are necessary for management to make decisions. Since GE is an international company, navigation can be challenging, ...
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About to have an interview at GE for a Finance Internship position. Can anyone help with some guidance?

I would first think about experiences where you have managed a team or any general leadership position. At the same time, think about failures and where you could have capitalized better on those hiccups. No one expects you to be a subject matter expert going into an interview for an internship, ...
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What's a day in the life of a Supply Chain Operations Management Intern at GE like?

One of my favorite parts of this job was that it was very hands on - about 40% of my time was spent working on the manufacturing floor. I worked at the Charlottesville plant and I was able to do projects for the Environmental, Health and Safety, Manufacturing and Engineering departments. I comple...
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What should I know before an interview for a supply chain internship at General Electric?

You definitely don’t need manufacturing experience to get this internship but knowing a little about the industry and what GE does is important. Be able to answer “why are you interested in manufacturing?” Be prepared to talk about any leadership positions you’ve held or extracurricular activiti...
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