I finally secured an interview at EY! Any tips?

Interviews are just conversations, so don't get too worked up about them. It's good to show the interviewer that you've done your homework on the firm and its culture, as this demonstrates that you're serious about EY. The Big Four are probably more alike than not, so they try hard to differentia...
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How does my role as an intern contribute to EY's mission?

Take the internship as a trial period. You are getting a small snippet of what it is like to be a first year staff. All the work that you do provides a piece to the tax puzzle I explained in question 1. It may seem insignificant, but when you work fulltime you actually get to see the complete pro...
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What will my work-life balance look like as an intern at EY?

There is a lot more “life” as an intern than anywhere else. The firm will take you one cruises, to Disney world, and for miscellaneous social events. Most days you can expect a workday to be 9:30-7:30 or so. Some days are longer, but the firm will pay for your dinner and cab ride home. They’re ve...
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Help! Any tips for turning my internship at EY into a full-time offer?

Work hard. They don't expect you to be good, and they don't expect you to do things right. They expect you to be good to work with (polite, conversational, courteous) and they expect you to work hard. If you do those two things, you will get a full time offer. (the few stories that I've heard of ...
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I'm an incoming Assurance Intern at EY, what skills do I need to succeed?

After my internship with EY, I believe the most important thing is to keep asking questions. There is high chance that you will run into something out of your expertise. Other team members are always willing to help you, but you have to let them know. Curiosity is also an essential trait you need...
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Does EY offer a mentorship program? How have you benefitted from it?

3. EY does offer a mentorship program. For each group I worked with, I was assigned a service line champion, which is a professional at the manager level or above who gives broader perspectives on what each service line does and allows interns to ask any questions they may have. Throughout the su...
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What's the company culture at EY like?

EY's company culture is one of the most important reasons why a lot of EY employees take up the immense work pressure with such a positive atmosphere. We, at EY, foster a culture of knowledge sharing, room for personal expansion, diversity and above all open and direct one-to-one communication. I...
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How do I make the most out of my experience at EY?

The way to succeed at EY is the same as the way to succeed in any corporate office. Show up prepared and on time, ask good questions and take good notes, be kind and courteous to your coworkers, and follow directions well so that you decrease the amount of work your superior has to do.
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What are the main qualities that I should highlight in an interview for a Risk Advisory Intern role?

For an intern position, key qualities that EY looks for is a friendly personality and an eagerness to learn. It can be difficult for an interviewer to determine how you are as a person so that is why it is key to answer their questions in a personalized and friendly manner. Be sure to support you...
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How much support should I expect to receive from upper management at EY?

During projects you work directly with a Senior assigned to run a project. Seniors usually give support and explain tasks assigned, especially when you work with them for the first time (project specific support). In addition, interns are usually assigned a “guide” (this might depend on the count...
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Is EY a good place to kickstart a career?!

It is a good place to kick start your career depending on you career goal. EY is a global firm with thousands of employees worldwide which means it is easy to get 'lost' in the company. The hours in any of the big 4 firms are longer than others. However, the benefits and experience in the firm ar...
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What will I do as an Assurance Intern?

As an FSO Assurance Intern, you are treated just like first or second-year staff member. You will be performing a variety of tasks to audit the financial statements of companies in the financial services industry.
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What will I do as a Launch Intern at EY?

I did the launch pro gram where I did two internships. During my first internship I did two rotations in audit and tax. For audit I spent my days ticking and tying workpapers and documenting controls. For tax I inputted K-1 information into excel and worked on a presentation for a tax reduction p...
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What were the pros and cons while working as an Advisory Intern?

I really liked how much I was able to take ownership of certain documents related to my project. I was given a lot of responsibility and really looked at as an equal on the team. I also really loved the other interns I worked with and the members of my project team for the summer. I liked it so m...
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Do you have any tips on how I can turn my internship as a Risk Advisory Intern at EY into a full-time offer?

1. Be open to adapt to new environment, to meet different people and to accept new opportunities 2. Be proactive. It is better to ask for work and ask to learn rather than waiting for others to tell us what to do. 3. Be responsible to our work and own our mistakes. You might want to do more tha...
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As a Launch Intern, what can I do to the most out of my internship?

In order to be a successful Launch intern, you have to be inquisitive and willing to learn about the firm. The entire internship is about exposing you to EY, their different career options, and the people who work there.
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If you worked at EY as an Assurance Intern, what was the day in the life like?

This is another tough question, because no two days are alike, and no two intern experiences are alike, and every office has different clients. For me, I spent most of June at the office, with little actual work to do. The senior on my engagement would give me small tasks here and there, but noth...
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What will my responsibilities look like as an Advisory Intern at EY?

An intern in the Financial Advisory group at EY basically supports various teams working on performance improvement projects. With that being said, you get normally staffed on a couple of projects during your internship and then help the team to brainstorm, conduct interviews, conduct financial a...
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As an intern at EY, how much ownership will I have over my work?

Regardless of where you decide to intern or take your career, you should always own 100% of your work. The work you create and provide is a reflection of you, and it’s important to let your peers know you can be relied on to complete tasks effectively and efficiently, and making sure you ask ques...
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To what extent does EY uphold to their stated company values?

EY does an excellent job of upholding their company values. As an intern, I was never put in a situation where I felt uncomfortable or could not seek help from someone else. My team was always supportive and willing to answer questions in great detail in a way that showed they genuinely wanted to...
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