What skills do I need to succeed as a Risk Advisory Intern at EY?

What skills do I need to succeed as a Risk Advisory Intern at EY?
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Former Risk Advisory Intern, EY

about 3 years ago
In terms of skills, I think soft skills are always important. You probably will work in a small team at a client site for each project. Therefore, good communication and personal interaction skills will help you develop better relations with both the team and the client that you work with. Good writing skills are also needed because you may write many emails and business memos. As for hard skills, it would be great if you are familiar with Excel and Visio. From my personal experience, I found out that audit and system classes are very helpful. You might have some advantage if you already know how to identify controls and risks as well as how to document business processes using narratives and flow charts. Last but not least, being a fast learner would also help you to succeed. For example, it is perfectly fine if you start off with no knowledge about flowcharts and business narratives, but you may need to make sure that after someone explaining them to you, you can use them to document a process appropriately. Asking good questions is a way to learn things faster. Moreover, I feel like that Risk Advisory involves lots of learning. Whenever you are assigned to a new project, you may need to learn about a client’s business in a short period of time through various client meetings.
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