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Lead. Inspire. Innovate. Define Your Future. Not everyone who works for a global company shares the same background, experiences and perspectives. We leverage the differences of our employees to bring new ideas to the table. Every employee throughout the company is encouraged to share input on projects and initiatives. Our decision making process is truly a collaborative effort as we realize there are leaders at every level of the organization. We put our values at the core of how we operate as an organization — not just when it’s convenient, but in a lasting and meaningful way. We want the time and energy you spend here to have a positive impact on your life inside and outside of the office. Entegris is a values-driven culture and our employees rally around our core PACE values:  People  Accountability Creativity  Excellence


Chemical Engineering Co-op

January 2019 - July 2019 Billerica, MA
“Workplace culture was supportive and understanding. Flexible schedules and various training opportunities ranging from statistical analysis to hazardous chemical training were offered.”

Applications: Liquid Purification Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Billerica, MA
“I loved the ability I had to work on several different projects throughout the summer. I learned how to analyze data, make presentations, and design experiments. There was always a task to help with that helped me get a better grasp of the industry.”
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