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About Enhance IT

Company Description:

 We are a Technology Consulting firm and we are in the business of building successful IT careers for our employees! The technology stack that we focus in currently are: Android and iPhone (mobile) development, AWS, Big Data, Data Science, Exchange, and Cyber Security. We have about 500 employees nationwide and have built careers for well over a few thousand over the past decade.

How do we build Careers?
 We specialize in current technologies that are hot in the market and in high demand. As such we hire talent that is qualified in learning these technologies. We train, coach and mentor and give you the tools to be successful. We provide you the tech, soft and interviewing skills throughout your training period. In return, we ask for a hard work, drive, ability, and dedication to jump start your career. Additionally, we market you and expect that you convert within a handful of unique client opportunities.
 We invest in you and do not get a return of investment until you land a project with one of our clients. This should explain to you how people driven we truly are. We invest in dedicated candidates in the IT industry who are eager to grow their careers. All employee's hired would be full time W2 employee's of Enhance IT. We offer full benefits to all of our employees.



April 2021 Atlanta, GA
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