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For over 65 years, Endeavor Communications has provided outstanding telecommunications services to underserved areas in Indiana. Beyond offering the fastest fiber optic-delivered gigabit speed in town, Endeavor prides itself in providing outstanding, local technical support from our expert SpeedGeeks technicians and our friendly customer care team representatives.

Endeavor Communications does more than providing blazing fast internet to our customers. We are a community partner that offers a place to explore your potential and push out the edges of what you can be. We are looking for people who can grow, think, dream and create. In our fast-paced environment where we care deeply about our customers and colleagues, we want you to bring your passion and enthusiasm to Endeavor Communications where there is a new adventure every day.

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Marketing Intern

April 2020 Cloverdale, IN
“1) The people. I love my team and there is a lot of trust and support between my coworkers and I. We always have each others backs and support each others success (personally and professionally). 2. Dynamic Environment. With multiple brands under one house it is interesting to see how each one is ran and marketed. Every day there is something new for each brand. In the summer, you develop a variety of skills that are transferable to any job market. Expect tasks that are heavy in design, communication, and content creation. You are never bored. 3. Responsibilities. I have worked three summers at Endeavor and now work part time throughout the year, I have always been appreciative of the roles I have been put in. Even in my first summer my opinion was always valued and I was given opportunities to gain more trust and responsibilities. I am now a huge team player in many ongoing projects for marketing, such as social media, our champions program, and media creation. I love that even when you first walk through the door you are given opportunities to show your strengths and find where you fit best for the team. ”

Marketing Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Cloverdale, IN
“I did this internship remotely for most of the summer, which was helpful with life transitions. I also enjoyed working on design pieces and putting my writing skills to use on many projects, including keeping their company blog updated and relevant. I also connected with the other marketing intern and became good friends, inside and outside the office.”
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