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Long-term success means more than being the best at what you do. It means a commitment to performance excellence. It means honing your ever-expanding skill set with a passion to consistently perform above expectations.

Keeping your skills on the leading edge of performance and technology — that is the way of Embry-Riddle.

Our graduates can expect to enter the job market career-ready and confident, with an unmatched skill set. Being the best is good. Being the best is Embry-Riddle.


Parts Assistant

July 2022 Prescott, AZ
“Being a parts assistant is easygoing, yet fun for those interested in working in an aircraft hangar. This job gives me time to complete homework, but I also can stay busy with work if I want to.”


April 2018 Daytona Beach, FL
“Very Flexible, and lots of interaction with aviation professionals”
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