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Does EF Education First offer a mentorship program?

When I started my position as a TA, I had a mentor who oversaw most of the TAs and made sure we were doing ok. He was extremely approachable. However, he didn’t really spend time checking on each of us because there were many TAs. I think It was important for me to be a good self starter.
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What are important skills to have when leading 30+ students as an Action Leader with EF Education First?

I think the most important skills for this are flexibility and patience. Taking a group of up to 40 students into the city, something always comes up. A student might get lost, transportation is delayed, bad weather means you have to switch plans at the last minute... It sounds cliche, but stayin...
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Not sure if this was answered in the application, but are interns paid if they work for EF Education First?

Being an EF Tours Global Student Leaders Intern is an unpaid position. However, the experiences you gain through this position make the cost of attendance well worth it. As an intern, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with my literary hero, Nicholas Kristof (who happened to be one of the key...
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Can someone talk about the training program EF Education First had for their activity leaders?

The training program for an Activity Leader and Administrative Assistant Intern at EF Education first is both rigorous and extremely enjoyable and interactive. Reputable global EF leaders came to provide their insight, expectations, and support to the newly arrived interns. Our training centered ...
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Can someone talk about their accounting internship at EF Education First--both inside and outside of work.

A day in the life of an accounting intern goes something like this. My first day of work just happened to be during an employee appreciation event. I was greeted warmly at the door by ambassadors there for the event, and given told I was a valued employee and given a small piece of EF themed merc...
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Was there a good balance between work and life while interning at EF Education First?

The work life balance during my time at EF was great. When emergencies or sickness came up, I would just text or email my boss to let her know the situation, and she and the team were more than understanding. On a regular basis, they understood that for me my studies came first, and worked around...
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What will EF Education First look for with prospective customer service representatives in the interview process?

I would say the three main qualities which one should declare and highlight in an interview for that position would be following, which was asked to me and I had replied accordingly: - A practical decision-making ability - Having a deep strategic imagination - Being artistic -considering EF is o...
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What does the salary look like for someone in customer service at EF Education First?

Ranges between $32000-$36000 annually.
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What would an incoming Teacher's Assistant do at EF Education First?

Teacher assistants are mainly facilitators within classrooms. They are there to communicate between Chinese students and English-speaking teachers. Teacher assistants usually also act as "model students", showing other students how the teacher would like them to behave during class time or during...
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What does the training program for a Customized Tour Consultant at EF Education First look like?

The training program at EF when I participated was two weeks long and extremely helpful. They teach you sales strategies through simulations and case studies and provide incredible overview of how EF works. At the end of the two weeks I felt very prepared to start as a Tour Consultant even though...
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With EF Education First' Global Student Leaders application rolling out soon, what are your recommendations on doing well for their interview?

For those interested in earning an EF Tours Global Student Leaders Internship it is important that the student clearly demonstrates passion for the subject of the yearly conference. For example, in my year, the conference was focused on human rights, which is a field that I plan on focusing my fu...
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