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Has anyone here worked at Dyson? If so, what competencies/qualities would you say one needs to stand out and succeed there?

Dyson is huge on their key Dyson behaviors, which are based on being creative, an entrepreneur, an architect, leader, innovator and a few more that I have not mentioned (you can find them on Dyson's website). However, if you possess most or all of these Dyson behaviors, you will go far and succee...
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Does Dyson offer an internal mentorship program? What are interns' relationship with upper management like?

While there isn't a formal mentorship program, you will be assigned a manager (this person is usually the head of the department you are working in) in addition to a direct-reporting manager who assigns projects, provides feedback and assists you throughout the duration of your internship. Both o...
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Has anyone here interned in the HR dept at Dyson? What is the expected pay?

It might've changed since I was an intern, but you can expect an hourly range of $20-22 an hour depending on your experiences.
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I'm about to have an interview for a Support Advisor role at Dyson. If you've been in my shoes, any pointers/tips you can share?

The main qualities and experiences you'll need to highlight is ability to handle more than Live Chat at a time. One thing to note is that, Dyson offers a host of products. So there may be times where you'll handle 3 or 4 chats at one-time. Troubleshooting, sales, or general inquiry. Any mixture o...
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Did you receive a lot of training before starting your job as a support advisor at Dyson?

The training program for work at home is 2 weeks long. I work from home. BUT, with approval, you can work at a Dyson repair facility if you are near one or even at a office branch. Which is pretty neat. This way, if you can get to one of the repair centers, you'll be able to get hands on experien...
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I'm a recent college grad looking for new opportunities that will set me up for success in the future... Would you say Dyson is a good company for someone just starting her career?

I believe that any company is a good place to kick start a career. This is because you'll be able to develop and acknowledge behaviors and processes you like or don't like, while working. Dyson is a BIG company already with a lot of diverse experience within. So, when you go in, be ready to face ...
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