Civil Engineering Intern

May 2018 • Anchorage, AK

What I liked

DOWL worked with me to determine what I was most interested in and provided me tasks to work on that directly related to my interests. I was challenged but had various resources to consult so I felt supported throughout the entire process. I feel like I gained a lot of experience over the summer that I can practically apply to my future career.

What I wish was different

Engineering can be a challenging career and the first month that I started at DOWL was a huge learning curve. Honestly, I wish I had learned more practical experience in school so that I was more prepared to apply design concepts with software skills such as AutoCAD. However, the rest of the DOWL staff was extremely supportive and I have since gained both understanding and efficiency in regards to task completion.


I would recommend students start looking for what companies are out there, in the discipline they are looking for. It can be difficult but going to the career fairs and introducing yourself to prospective employers can really pay off. I was persistent and went to the Fall and Spring career fairs which helped me stand out as someone who is setting goals for the future. Definitely go to the career fairs and try to network. Talking about yourself can be awkward but most people working at the career fair are excited to meet new people who can enhance their workforce. So just be yourself and tell people what you are interested in so that you get a job that meets your expectations as well.
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