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What does a client services rep do in a single day at CyraCom International?

As a Client Services Representative you assist all external Cyracom clients to locate the language they need. You also create reports, process complains and commendations, and telephone orders. You help clients troubleshoot their interpreter phones and educate them how to use them
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Video Remote Interpreter (Korean & English) position at CyraCom International?

interview is pretty easy. just a few soft behavior questions and an test which consists of 3 portions: you are given a topic. you talk in your non-English language for about a minute by yourself. i think you do this for 2 or 3 topics you do interpreting test. It's a scenario where there is an eng...
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If I were to accept an interview for an interpreter position at CyraCom International, what do I need to know ahead of time?

The best way to prepare the interview is to review and learn some medical, financial terminologies in both English and your target language. The interviews are mainly about testing your ability to speak both languages. They don't expect you to know everything so they will typically send you a lis...
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