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About Crossroads Community Services

Crossroads Community Services exists to nourish our community's low-income families by providing nutritious food and supportive education. Our vision is to strengthen families by building nutrition stable communities. We use a collaborative approach to revolutionize the pantry distribution model through food equity research, client-centered services, and community partner engagement.

Today, Crossroads fulfills its mission through our programs and services. We get nutritious food to the hands of our low-income neighbors through our distribution network and our in-house pantry. We also are changing the way people think of hunger and hunger solutions by providing supportive education to the general public and to the clients we serve.


Client Services Associate

January 2020 - May 2020 Dallas, TX
“I love everything about Crossroads Community Services. The environment at this organization is positive, and volunteers, interns, and all the members make it feel like home. Everyone here has excellent work ethics, and the training is fast and easy to understand. At CCS, I am able to input my ideas and they are open to suggestions from interns. They made me feel like I am part of their organization and they value my opinions. ”


January 2020 - March 2020 Dallas, TX
“I liked everything about this place. I felt very welcome there and I always felt free to work and contribute with new ideas. Everyone is very receptive, polite and open-minded. The organization has a commendable mission, and I felt happy every day that I was working at Crossroads, sharing knowledge and serving the population. I had the opportunity to put into practice what I learned in Health Studies classes. I also learned a lot about how it is always possible to contribute to improving people's quality of life in some way. Treating with dignity, informing, being available, being kind, are some values that are part of the routine of those who work at Crossroads. This was an incredible experience in my life. I certainly recommend Crossroads Community Service as a place to intern, volunteer and/or work.”
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