Council for a Strong America

About Council for a Strong America

Council for a Strong America is a national, bipartisan nonprofit that unites five organizations comprised of law enforcement leaders, retired admirals and generals, business executives, pastors, and prominent coaches and athletes who promote solutions that ensure our next generation of Americans will be citizen-ready.

Council for a Strong America has a 20-year track record of strengthening families, communities, the economy, and our national security.

The key to our success? Our more than 9,000 members, who bring decades of expertise and leadership across our communities and at the state and national levels to promote evidence-based policies that strengthen our country. Council for a Strong America includes:

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids – police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, other law enforcement executives, and violence survivors who promote solutions that reduce crime

Mission: Readiness – retired admirals, generals, and other top military leaders joining forces to ensure national security

ReadyNation – CEOs and other business leaders promoting solutions to strengthen the workforce

Shepherding the Next Generation – evangelical pastors and ministry leaders calling for biblically-based and effective approaches to strengthen families and communities

Champions for America’s Future – prominent coaches, athletes, and sports leaders leveling the playing field for at-risk kids



May 2019 - July 2019 Washington, DC
“I really enjoyed the way that the staff allowed me to take on my own projects and jump in right away. I was given the freedom to write materials that were sent to their members, talk to other state directors, and put my own voice into their organization, despite only being there for a short amount of time. ”
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