About Copeland

Through groundbreaking innovations, HVACR technology and cold-chain solutions, we are reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency in spaces of all sizes, from residential to commercial to industrial. Sustainability is no small ambition. That’s why Copeland is built for action on a global scale. Everything we do is geared toward a more sustainable future—for our generation and all those to come.


Thermal Systems Innovation Engineering Co-op

January 2024 - May 2024 Dayton, OH
“Overall, I really liked the experience of getting to learn new things with great people. The atmosphere was supportive of creativity and encouraged working outside of the box. During my time here, I was able to contribute to many projects and was given the opportunity to dive deep into them and truly understand and appreciate the work I was doing. I also really liked the emphasis the work had on working towards a more efficient and environmentally conscience environment. ”

Lab Engineering Co-op

January 2024 - May 2024 Sidney, OH
“What I enjoyed at Copeland was that they entrusted me with a project I was initially unfamiliar with, such as migrating data analytic visual systems like Power BI. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to collaborate with their Pune team located in India, which taught me valuable skills in navigating time differences and overcoming slight language barriers. Moreover, I relished the chance to explore their labs, witnessing firsthand their building facilities and the diverse testing processes they employ. Additionally, I appreciated the company's approach of granting co-ops the freedom to make mistakes without being micromanaged.”
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