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cooledtured is an anime, vidoe game, TV movie or anything pop culture related action figure collectible store.


Law Assistant Intern

January 2024 - April 2024 Bayonne, NJ
“Working with Cooltured was one of the best experiences I've had in an internship. The company's culture and environment were incredibly welcoming and my supervisors were always very supportive, kind, and easy to talk to. What I especially like about Cooltured is how much they value their interns and foster a positive relationship with them. The internship was flexible and they allowed interns to monitor their own schedule. This allowed me to focus on school-related matters while working on the internship. My supervisor, Ms. Chole, would also take the time to review my work with me and suggest where I needed room for improvement or what I did well. At Cooltured, I really felt my work was appreciated and that I made a worthwhile contribution to the site, as well as feeling that I made a great connection with my supervisors, which is something that I don't often find with a lot of student internships. The online resources they give to work with are very accessible and easy to use, and the tasks provided are tailored to an intern's educational pursuits. Throughout the internship, I learn new terminology and current law necessary to my higher educational goals. Overall, I am incredibly grateful that I had a chance to work with Cooltured. I hope they continue to expand and improve upon their internship program and I look forward to seeing how the company grows and innovates in the future.”

Legal Assistant

December 2023 - May 2024 Deerfield Beach, FL
“The team is extremely understand and helpful! There is no extent to which they will not be there for you. My time with Cooledtured was a great experience. ”
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