Coney Island

About Coney Island

In 1886, Coney Island was a 400-acre apple orchard on the banks of the Ohio River.
Since then, Coney Island has become a destination to splash, ride, cheer and play for over 130 years.
Home to the largest recirculating swimming pool in the world, Coney Island has become a unique and nostalgic destination.
Coney has grown up with Cincinnati, changing with the times but always lifting spirits. It’s a place with historic roots and modern attractions; a place that’s built not just on childhood charm, but on bringing people together.
We’ve been playful and we’ve always been distinctly Cincinnati. Embracing who we are, not only gives our visitors a great place to play, but also turns moments into memories for generations.


Concessions runner

June 2018 - August 2018 Cincinnati, OH
“I enjoyed learning about the concessions operated at Coney Island. I also enjoyed working with other interns and working outside.”
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