As someone who will be working at CommunityRoot, do any current or past employees have advice at how I can succeed?

To succeed at CommunityRoot, you need to be able to manage your time. Scheduling interviews in addition to attending class and doing your own work may seem easy, but its easy to forget about a scheduled call after a long day. Using apps like google calendar helped me to stay on top of my busy sch...
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As an incoming intern at CommunityRoot, I still don't know if there will be a formal mentorship program there. Anyone have any leads?

I was not made aware of any mentor program at CommunityRoot, but my supervisor Jake Bender was extremely willing to give me advice and write me letters of recommendation that would help me further my employment elsewhere.
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As I am looking into different internship opportunities, one question popped up in my head for CommunityRoot: Should I expect to be compensated?

I was told that this job had payment based on commission. My payment depended the success of those who I hired. At this point in time I have received no compensation, but I was also told not to expect much in the beginning.
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How would you say a regular day as an intern for CommunityRoot looks like?

A day for me as an Intern at CommunityRoot is researching cities in a specific state to find emails for extended day programs and early education programs. After I have completed a little bit more research on the programs I input my data into a shared google spreadsheet, and log the number of ema...
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I know I want to return to CommunityRoot as a full-time, but not sure when to ask my supervisor. Any advice on how to approach this?

I would express your interest for a full-time offer when talking with your supervisor to begin with. I would also recommend that you perform above average which means that you are finding more emails per hour than they want. Along with doing everything that is asked of you efficiently this will p...
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