City of Belmont

Human Resources Intern

June - September 2017 • Belmont, CA

What I liked

My supervisor made this internship the best experience I could ever ask for in a first internship. I liked how she gave me important responsibilities instead of having me do work that no one else wants to do (filing, making copies, coffee runs). I also liked how my supervisor asked for my input in a lot of important discussions revolving around human resources. She made me feel valued by asking what I wanted to get out of this internship at the start of it.

What I wish was different

I don't wish anything to be different. I was a part of many City of Belmont discussions and meetings. I got a tour of the city. I had hands on experience with recruitment and various projects related to HR. It was more than what I had hoped to learn before going in. I am very grateful for the experience I gained and I would not change any part of it.


Don't be afraid to ask your supervisor questions. Work goes at a fast pace and if you don't understand something, they won't know until you bring it up or take the initiative to ask.
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