Circle C Ranch Co.

About Circle C Ranch Co.

Traditions of Excelence

Circle C Ranch has been producing top-quality cutting horses for over a decade.  The ranch is located in the heart of Oklahoma horse country, just south of Purcell, OK.  Consisting of a horse breeding division, on-site training division, and a stocker cattle operation. Circle C Ranch is the perfect place for raising and training the next generation of top cutting horses.

The Secret to Our Success

At Circle C Ranch, we care about our horses. It's more than a slogan, it's what we do.  From the point of conception until they step into the show pen, Circle C Horses receive the best possible care and training from our staff.  We only hire the best people who share our passion for cutting horses and the cutting horse industry. Our facilities, from the 4,000+ acres of rolling pasture to our quality barns and newly completed arena, provide the optimum environment for care and development.

From an early age, our cutting horses benefit from doing real ranch work on a daily basis.  From moving and sorting cattle, to trotting fences and doctoring calves, each day brings something new to keep them fresh and thinking. Doing this makes our horses more versatile so they can go in any direction. From the cutting pen to the roping arena, our horses have the foundation to perform in multiple disciplines.

Our Philosophy

Circle C Ranch strives for excellence in both our breeding and training operations. 

Our breeding program has only one philosophy: breed the best to the best.  Our mares have been carefully selected for pedigree, performance, and production.  We utilize artificial insemination and embryo transfers to maximize each mares breeding potential.  After birth, our horses live in a natural herd environment in our expansive pastures, which benefit both mental and physical development.  

While in training, our horses benefit from our state of the art training facilities.  Constant access to fresh cattle through the stocker cattle operation also helps their training and development. 



June 2018 - August 2018 Delevan, NY
“It was a great experience to widen my skills, along with working with youth and helping them learn useful life skills.”
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