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Carnegie Mellon University is a private, coeducational research institution situated on a campus five miles from downtown Pittsburgh, PA. For more than 100 years, Carnegie Mellon has fostered a tradition of generating innovations with a global impact by combining systematic analysis and problem-solving with entrepreneurial creativity and hard work


Undergraduate Research Assistant

June 2021 Pittsburgh, PA
“Great experience to understand what research is like”

College Teaching Assistant

July 2021 Pittsburgh, PA
“Being a TA was an amazing experience! I got to interact with many students and learned a lot about the course content in the process of teaching labs, recitations, and running office hours.”
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Questions & Answers

Walk us through a day as a Summer Assignments Assistant at Carnegie Mellon University?

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How can I prepare myself to be interviewed for an infant teacher position at Carnegie Mellon University?

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What might a daily work schedule look like for an infant teacher at Carnegie Mellon University?

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