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What should I talk about in my sales interview at CH Robinson?

When looking to apply at C.H. Robinson, I would advise first to have professional dress attire. Although the company is relaxed in terms of dress once hired, looking the part of a traditional sales person is key. Secondly, logistics is a very competitive industry and C.H. Robinson is the largest ...
Interview Sales Transportation C.H. Robinson
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What do you do in your role at CH Robinson?

As an Account Manager at C.H Robinson, your job is essentially an inside sales role. Your job is to maintain and grow existing business while also looking for additional leads for your sales team. Your accounts are not based on your location. For example, I was based out of Wichita, KS but manage...
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Can I expect help from upper management at C.H. Robinson?

You will have good support from management and upper management but they will still expect a lot from you. If they see you have what it takes, they will push you. Don’t resist, take it as a compliment and use it to prove you are as good as they think you are. Hope this helps!
Relationship with Upper Management Transportation C.H. Robinson
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Is there access to a mentorship program at C.H. Robinson?

As I remember there was some kind of mentorship type efforts made my leadership to pair tenured team members with new staff. Managers sat next to their staff in a bull-pin type seating arrangement, so access to leadership was readily available.
Mentor Transportation C.H. Robinson
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Would you recommend C.H. Robinson as a career destination?

Potentially, CH Robinson has the resources to open up a wide array of Logisitc Industry experience for a new undergraduate. To be honest, I knew nothing about Logistics and learned a LOT, but was not passionate about the business in general. You need to be ready to work early hours to late hour...
Career Progression Transportation C.H. Robinson
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Can you describe what the culture was like at C.H. Robinson?

They talk a good game and they speak about their culture a bit, but i feel like there was no follow through when it came to implementing it. I did really enjoy the peers that I worked with, but the higher ups do not communicate with the lower people.
Transportation Company Culture C.H. Robinson
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Does CH Robinson recruit at career fair, and if so any tips?

They do not do career fairs that I am aware of. They hire from within mostly unless it's a position that is higher up, they may look outside of the current employees. normally the positions are hired from word of mouth. If you do by chance have them at a career fair, be honest in what you want in...
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Does CH Robinson genuinely uphold their company values?

The company holds to its values very well. This job is not for everyone, as I mentioned before the hours outside of work must be used to study the industry and get up to speed on current shipping markets. C.H. Robinson takes care of its employees by providing paid company phones and laptops in so...
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What was your compensation like at CH Robinson?

As an Account Manager, you will have a base salary to start, roughly around $40,000-45,000. They also offer commission based on your monthly revenue from your accounts. Don’t be afraid to negotiate at C.H Robinson for hire pay, as your job is to negotiate prices with customers every day. If you w...
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What does it take to succeed at C.H. Robinson?

Perseverance, ambition, maturity and leadership. All of these will set you apart and set you up for success. Also being able to overcome hardships because it’s not a matter of if they come but when they come. How you handle yourself in these situations will also set you apart. One other thing...y...
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