About Bungie

Bungie is an independent, employee-owned game development studio dedicated to creating hopeful worlds that inspire passionate player communities and lifelong friendships. For nearly thirty years that purpose has led to the creation of some of the industry's most celebrated gaming franchises, including Marathon, Myth, Halo, and Destiny. Today, Bungie is focused on developing the next highly-anticipated release in the Destiny universe and new worlds to come.


Helpdesk Support Technician

July 2020 - October 2020 Issaquah, WA
“One of the things I enjoyed the most was the people. Every single person I worked with was overflowing with knowledge and was eager to share it. During my time at Bungie, I gained invaluable insight into the immense amount of work that goes into keeping the technological infrastructure of a decently sized game company operating securely and affectively. I learned about automative technologies, corporate data retention, computer and game console hardware deployment and maintenance, as well as experience working in a live data center (one of my favorite parts), networking infrastructure in games and information technologies, experience with Perforce version control, not to mention task allocation and time management on large, multifaceted projects, and so much more. ”
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