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Our BrainStorm team member was awarded Intern of the Year 2021 by Silicon Slopes!

One of the fastest-growing companies in Utah, BrainStorm ( is a B2B SaaS company that drives digital adoption and organizational change for outstanding companies around the world, including PepsiCo, American Express, MasterCard International Inc., Discover Financial Services, Merck Company, and more.

BrainStorm has an energetic, fun-loving, yet hard-driving culture. On this high-tech, high-growth A-team, every employee runs with the ball and directly contributes to its success. Once we walk through the door, it’s definitely ‘Go Time’.



May 2021 - August 2021 American Fork, UT
“I literally drove from Florida to Utah by myself to work at this company, and I'm not lying when I say I would do it 100 times over. BrainStorm is a company that understands what it means to be human. The company culture is driven by management who aims to build you up both personally and professionally, and surely wont breathe down your neck. As an intern, they encourage you to explore every aspect of the company, and will work with you to achieve anything you want as a PropellerHead. Not only will this experience open your eyes to the bright sides of life in the workforce, but the professional development and exciting activities that fill your day-to-day are sure to send you off with a better perception of yourself, and confidence in your own abilities to create something amazing.”


March 2019 - October 2019 American Fork, UT
“The culture and environment at BrainStorm was awesome. I grew close to other interns and employees. Work hours are VERY flexible and relaxed. ”
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