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About Brag House Inc.

Brag House (“BH”) is bringing the world a revolutionary new one-stop platform that integrates and enhances the gamer and fan experience for the college sports and esports universe. We bring the thrill of game predictions into the palm of your hand with chances to win cash and prizes - all at zero risk! While college sports need no introduction, esports draws over 500 Million viewers annually for the same reasons people like watching their favorite football team. They want to watch their favorite gamers battle it out, with a little friendly trash talk mixed in. Yet, only the top 1% of gamers participate in eSports tournaments. The non-professional gamers, and everyone else, are just spectators without a home. This is exactly what Brag House solves. Brag House is the first vertically integrated social network for college sports & esports. Fueled by the fanaticism of the collegiate community, Brag House produces competitive play for passionate, non-professional gamers and is the only one to offer both a fan and gamer experience focused exclusively on the college market. Users, or Braggers, can also create or join Brags (risk-free contests) that will put their college sports and eSports acumen to the test! Braggers’ predictions can be based on their own knowledge, past statistics, or predictions of upcoming games and matches! They can create their own profiles, post team related content, interact with their team’s Community, and more! For more information, visit Follow us on Social Media! @thebraghouse - Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn @braghouse - Discord, Twitch, Twitter


Marketing Brand Ambassador

February 2020 Charlottesville, VA
“This internship has not only provided me the support to further explore my passions in the sports marketing sphere, but has allowed me to learn the inner workings of a start-up business. The CEO's Daniel and Lavell are nothing but supportive and helpful and has made this internship so meaningful! Brag ON!”

Marketing Intern

September 2020 - December 2020 New York City, NY
“Being able to watch the company grow was an awesome experience. The upper-level management is so communicative and is always there to help with anything. Not only did my skills as a designer improve, but I was able to take on other projects and expand my horizons within marketing. The community and workplace environment is amazing and really helps to foster growth and intrapersonal relationships. ”
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