Boolean Girl

About Boolean Girl

Through early engagement in positive environments, we strive to increase the numbers of girls selecting computer science and engineering as a lifelong pursuit.
Boolean Girl creates a robust, continuous, and thoroughly enjoyable educational journey that encourage girls in the third grade through the eighth grades to learn computer programming and engineering. Along the way, girls will gain the knowledge and confidence to be creative and inspired participants in the field of computer science and engineering. It is the goal of Boolean Girl to: Spark girls natural creativity and give her the computer skills to continue exploring on her own; to evoke in girls an enthusiasm for both the competitive and collaborative aspects of engineering; give girls a love for learning engineering; and to cause girls to view engineering and computer science as a medium into which they can pour creative energy.


Coding Instructor

May 2020 Herndon, VA
“The camp owner is very supportive and the staff is understanding and helpful at helping with the teaching aspect and advancing our own careers by introducing us to women in STEM who come and volunteer their time as guest speakers.”
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