Bolthouse Productions

Stacker Operator

May - August 2019 • Bakersfield, CA

What I liked

It reminded me & motivated me as to why I should keep going to school to focus on my future. If I continued to work at Bolt House it would have been an unsatisfying life. My parents did not come here to America for me to work an intense labor job such as Bolt House. Every morning I would question myself as to what I was doing there but I had to remind my self that I wanted to experience it for the motivation. As crazy as it sounds I was interested in viewing the full time employees who are much older and have families to provide for. They have to work there day in & day out in order to put food on table. I wanted to see it because I knew deep down inside they hated it as much as I hated going every day. The woman who were mothers would even tell me that I looked way to young to be working there & they felt sorry because they knew it brought a ton of back pain & sweat to our bodies. They had smiles when I told them that I will only be there for the summer because I will be returning to CSUB. I liked it because of the life lessons I learned if I don’t get my life together then those are the only jobs that will be available for someone like me.

What I wish was different

From the conversations I had with most of the Bolt House employees it sounded as if everyone wanted a different boss to be in charge of us. The three ladies who rotated our positions, sent us to break, & over watched us treated us with very little respect & care. Especially for the young temps like myself. Our work consisted of picking up 50 pound bags of whole carrots & afterwards stacking them up 7 bags high on to a pallet. It seemed as if they didn’t care for our health physically. The leader ship role is very important because it shows your workers who you are as a person. In comparison to the night crew they had a well respected leader who seemed to care & help out. That’s the only change I would have wanted it because it would have resulted in having a different perspective on how I viewed my bosses. Mentally & physically I felt like I wouldn’t have been able to do more in a satisfying manner.


If you don’t know what to do in life go experience a labor job that is hell & it’ll help you reevaluate your goals in life.
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