Bambino Sitters

About Bambino Sitters

Bambino is a next-gen Childcare app. Bambino leverages the power of location, social connections, and personal recommendations to create trusted relationships between parents and sitters.

Bambino makes it easier to babysit by taking out the tedious work of job search and negotiation. From accepting a job to getting paid, we provide a support system for sitters throughout the entire process.

We are currently looking for a Spring 2023 Marketing and Content Intern. Applications are open!


Marketing and Content Intern

January 2023 - May 2023 Charlotte, NC
“Coralie, my mentor and the person I directly reported to, was incredibly supportive and encouraged creativity. She gave me entire freedom of the content I created and the work schedule that I was on while also guiding me and helping me to grow through what I produced. I enjoyed working this job remotely because I felt free to do what I needed while I was still in school. Coralie did a great job in checking in on me and making sure I was not too overwhelmed with the work that needed to be done. ”


April 2022 Charlotte, NC
“Bambino has been the best app for finding sporadic jobs in college! My favorite feature of the app is the fact that I never have to discuss payments with parents because the payment process occurs directly in the app and transfers to my bank account. 10/10 would recommend it to any sitter. I get so many babysitting requests that I often have turn down at least one a day! ”
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