Business Analyst Intern

May - August 2019 • Cerritos, CA

What I liked

I love to inviting and open work culture they had. From day one, I felt super comfortable being there. The amount of positive energy and learnable spirit is what I would come to every day. They definitely understood that I was a student and wanted me to really make the best out of the internship. I appreciated that they desired for me to grow in my hard skills, but also learning how to connect and network with people within the company. Overall, it’s been such a huge learning opportunity and a blessing to have experience such an upbeat work environment/culture.

What I wish was different

Perhaps getting to see more of the different departments within the company. Because the company had several locations, it was a bit tricky. It fell on my behalf to initiate that. So I wish I really initiated my desire to see other departments earlier on than waiting until the end of the internship.


Internships are such a good starting point to see what you like and why you don’t like. I honestly came into my internship think how cool this job would be in the future. However, I learned there were things I didn’t exactly enjoy and that it was totally fine that I didn’t. I also learned the things I really enjoy, which is connecting with people and building relationships. Lastly, you don’t need to know everything. I pressured myself to believing that I had to know everything, but companies will sometimes value a learnable and hardworking spirit than what you know. So be open to learning! Because that’s what an internship will encompass.
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