About AuditBoard

Our aim is to Make Sarbanes-Oxley Simple. The AuditBoard focus is one solution and one solution only: Streamline SOX Compliance and audits in general. Our platform was built to provide companies with the best-in-class SOX Internal Controls solution. Sarbanes-Oxley doesn’t have to be administrative or manual. More than 95% of companies are managing Sarbanes-Oxley manually through a network of thousands of spreadsheets and shared folders and dealing with redundant data. AuditBoard's single-page design will finally change the way you work by providing a solution to truly streamline SOX in a simple, effective way.

Data linking and over engineered features are not the answer. Internal Audit departments today are managing Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 using thousands and thousands of spreadsheets to document and test their controls. The answer is not to marginally improve this problem by providing data linkages or features that are so hard to use it makes your resources ineffective. The AuditBoard platform was designed and built from the ground up with a vision to eliminate the significant use of spreadsheets and to replace the manual process with only the features that make a difference. We believe in the model of making Sarbanes-Oxley Simple.


Business Analyst Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Cerritos, CA
“I love to inviting and open work culture they had. From day one, I felt super comfortable being there. The amount of positive energy and learnable spirit is what I would come to every day. They definitely understood that I was a student and wanted me to really make the best out of the internship. I appreciated that they desired for me to grow in my hard skills, but also learning how to connect and network with people within the company. Overall, it’s been such a huge learning opportunity and a blessing to have experience such an upbeat work environment/culture.”
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