Does Atlassian have opportunities for personal growth, such as a mentorship program?

I believe it's different depending on whether you enter the company as part of the grad program, or as a more senior person. I can't speak to the grad program as I wasn't in it. For non-grads, I don't think there's an official mentor program, but they do have a 'buddy' program where you're paired...
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What exactly do I need to have under my belt do perform at my highest as a UX Writer?

It depends on where you work and what product you write for. You don't necessarily have to be technically-minded, but you do need to be good at writing concisely, exploring how things work, explaining things, being creative, thinking like a user, and thinking like a designer. You need to be able ...
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Not sure what I need to know before interviewing for a data engineer job at Atlassian, can anyone fill me in?

Know your database basics Give examples for the answers you give Good to learn Pentaho DI, Pyhton, Postgres, AWS You should be able to form entities, schema, relationships between entities for any real world example Practice queries (eg, CTE) NoSQL knowledge
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